How to Hang upside down without inversion table

Inversion therapy is the practise of doing short stretches upside down to decompress the spine. It may provide short term benefits ,such as relief from back pain and flexibility. There’s little evidence that provides long – term relief .

We can do this by using an inversion table . But the cost of an inversion table is very high . So it’s quite better to find a alternative way to hang yourself upsite down . you may be able to experience the benefits through alternative methods such as yoga as well as some other techniques . 

What is inversion therapy 

Yoga is the best way to calm your body and relieve stress . It is also an incredible exercise method for relieving tension across your spine and other body parts . 

Every position offers its own  unique benefits. You should find the specific one which works for you .

Inversion Therapy is a technique where you are suspended upside down to stretch the spine and relieve back pain . 

Simply , we can say – inversion therapy is hanging upside down. According to its name you invert your body in such a way that your head is lower than your heart . Doing so will help you receive the therapeutic benefits that inversion method offers. It works by stiffing the body’s gravity , pressure eases of the back . It also provides traction for the spine. 

How does hanging upside down affect my body

Hanging upside down can be a fun activity. It makes you feel like a kid again. Especially if you try it out on monkey bars. But nowadays some adults practice hanging upside down for some other reasons including relief pain or as a part of therapy. 

Inversion therapy is one kind of physical therapy. It  will help you to get rid of back pain. One of the main goals is to stretch out the spine. Many people swear by it . but scientific research has mixed opinions on the efficiency of hanging upside down to relieve pain.

More scientific studies are needed to confirm that hanging upside down offers any true health benefits.

Inversion Therapy Without A Table : 6 Best Alternatives 

You can hang upside down by using an inversion table . but using an inversion table is very costly and it isn’t available everywhere . So it’s a better idea to try to use an alternation of the inversion table . Many studies have found that using alternatives for hanging upside down is equally beneficial as the inversion table .

There are many alternative ways to hang upside down without using an inversion

 table.  Most alternatives are cheaper and smaller than the inversion table . so they are ideal for the people who have a minimum budget . It is also easy to use for those who don’t have enough space . They can easily hang upside down easily by using the alternatives and are able to gather the benefits of inversion therapy .

Just because you don’t go to a gym doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to include inversion therapy in your exercise.  

Below you will find some alternatives to an inversion table for hanging upside down . choose one which suits you perfectly and gives you the best experience .

1.Yoga poses

Yoga is the best way to calm your body and relieve stress . It is also an incredible exercise method for relieving tension across your spine and other body parts . 

Every position offers its own  unique benefits. You should find the specific one which works for you . 

Inversion yoga is the best alternative to hang upside down without an inversion table . 

This will offer you all the health benefits of hanging upside down . without the need of any equipment or dedicated exercise space. 

What makes this ideal is it is incredibly accessible to both amature and professionals alike . Many people do yoga, but they are confused about inversion yoga .

You can get the best benefits by adding yoga to your daily workout. If you pair it with inversion therapy ,you will get an excellent result .

2.Exercise ball

Probably you are already familiar with the versatile exercise ball , stability ball . all of them provide you incredible benefits .

But many people don’t know how it can be used as an alternative to an inversion table without sacrificing any of the benefits you may gain when you invert your body. 

In this case , you are not hanging upside down directly on an exercise ball . you will be able to do some inversion workouts with minimal effort .

The biggest health benefits of using an exercise ball is the body relieves stress that it provides . It is very easy to do ,and it isn’t time consuming.  You can easily include it in your daily routine .

3.Gravity boots

Gravity boots or inversion boots are traditional exercise equipment . They provide athletes and fans of exercise the means to hang upside down .For amatures a way to keep up with the professionals . 

If you use a standard pull up bar alongside the gravity boots to invert your body for set periods. It offers your spine the decompression they may need .

Gravity boots are most commonly used alongside a rack . you may hook them into your doorframe or other secure structure at your home .

This excellent equipment provides you many ways to smooth spine compression and relieve back pain including all other benefits of inversion therapy .

4.Yoga trapeze

Combination of yoga and inversion is called Yoga trapeze . It is an incredible way to provide both your body and mind with superb stress relief . 

Yoga trapeze barely takes up any space as it can be hung to different places , unlike other inversion equipment .

Yoga trapeze will provide all the benefits of inversion therapy . it will also offer you the advantage that it can be far more accessible . 

It offers impeccable support for any position and yoga poses you may want to make . try to make it perfect to get the supreme outfits. 

If you practice yoga at home , then consider trying a yoga trapeze!

5.Headstand bench

If you are looking for a cheap alternative to an expensive inversion table , then a headstand bench is the best option for you.  You can use it at home without any risk of injury or falling over . 

The bench is the perfect way to hang upside down without worrying about balance . it prevents slipping or tripping over . you can enjoy going upside down without any pressure on your neck and spine . 

You can do all types of exercises o a headstand bench from yoga block exercises to waist  exercise , leg exercise , hip movement and many other yoga positions.

It is easy for beginners . It is also more challengings for expats to get as much time out of it as possible ! 

The headstand bench is more compact than an inversion table which makes it easier to use in small spaces . so there is always space for it.

6.Inversion chair 

Inversion chairs  can be the best alternative to an inversion table . If you are looking for an alternative equipment for hanging upside down ,an inversion Chair may be the right thing according to your need. 

It is true that hanging upside down entirely isn’t possible on a chair . you can still get the benefits by using it in the correct way .

The biggest benefits of an inversion chair is that they can remove pressure on other parts of your body , such as- your legs , feet and hips . 

You can make a combination of an inversion chair with your yoga workout for getting the extremely effective lower back and neck pain relief . 

Inversion chair  is a perfect opinion for fitness who are currently undertaking injury but still want to take care of their body .

Before you go

It’s not a big deal which tool you have chosen for hanging upside down . The main thing is to do it properly and complete it  in an effective way. You can do it by using a headstand stool or an inversion chair , there are many inversion benefits .

You should not break the bank as long as you find the right exercise tool for you .Wave goodbye to spine compression and back problems . You can get pain relief and a healthy spine by simply hanging upside down .

Hopefully , we have helped you to find some outstanding alternatives to the inversion table ,no matter your reasons . 

As always , with any new exercise method , you must take advice from a professional before driving head-first into the world of Inversion Therapy .

Benefits of inversion therapy 

If you upside your body down, gravity does its work. This stretches your body muscles . It improves your mind and body . It also relieves stress, improves breathing , treats back and neck pain , maintains flexibility, and slows down aging . This therapy boosts your digestion and thus gives you a healthy complexion and beautiful tresses too.

 The list of benefits that you achieve from inversion therapy is exhaustive. This amazing technique can help you to keep a healthy and beautiful mind as well as body. 

We can also say, the goal of inversion therapy is to reverse the compression of gravity on the spine . This may stress out the spine . It also decreases pressure on the discs as well as  nerve roots. It may also increase the space between the vertebrates . potential benefits of hanging upside down during inversion therapy include- 

  • Improve spinal health
  • Increase flexibility
  • Reduced need for back surgery
  • short -term relief from back pain, sciatica and scoliosis.

Here’s what the research says about potential benefits of inversion Therapy-

But remember, there is little proof of the effectiveness of these therapies . studies haven’t confirmed the benefits of hanging upside down . Most of the studies done so far have been small scale .

As with other alternative therapies like acupuncture or cupping , the results of inversion therapy are different for everyone . more  research should be needed on inversion therapy to make sure its effectiveness.

Risks of inversion therapy 

This therapy is not safe for everyone . During the time you hang upside down for more than a few minutes , your blood pressure increases .Your heartbeat also slows down.  This also creates excessive pressure on your eyes . you should avoid inversion therapy in case you have:

  • High blood pressure 
  • Glaucoma
  • Hernia
  • Back or leg fracture
  • Any heart problem
  • Osteoporosis
  • Another medical condition

Hanging upside down is not safe if you are overweight. This therapy is risky for obase people.  You also shouldn’t do it in time of your pregnancy.  Must take suggestions from your doctor , before trying Inversion Therapy.

1.Can you die from hanging upside down?

It is very rare but there is a possibility of dying from hanging upside down for too long a time . If blood pools to the head it will be very dangerous . 

You can avoid this by hanging properly and  ensuring proper maintenance of time . So if you are interested in taking inversion therapy  by  hanging upside down , always do it so supervised by professionals . Have  a physical therapist or any friend nearby in case of emergency .

2.How long can you hang upside down?

It is dangerous to hang upside down for too long when blood pulls to the head. It will be a deadly thing . You can start  hanging in a moderate position for 30 seconds to 1 minutes. Then you can increase the time upto 2 to 3 minutes . 

Listen to your body and return to an upright position if you feel any discomfort .

3.Can you do inversion therapy by yourself ?

It is possible to take inversion therapy by yourself . but is it never recommended? Because it is very risky . If you are extremely healthy , you should not try it . 

It is advisable to have someone near you for your safety . It is always best to be as safe as you can. Inversion therapy is really helpful for your health . but you must ensure your safety first . 

Try to complete your inversion therapy with someone  you know well and he will help you if anything goes wrong.

Some people enjoy hanging upside down. They find fun by doing this. They think that it’s an excellent way to get rid of back pain. If you are interested you can try it out . but make sure to have a professional ,physical therapist or a friend on hand to help you get back upright .

You can try hanging upside down without an inversion table  by following some other  ways – such as aerial yoga. But first , make sure you give your body enough time to adjust.and must notice how your body reacts to it . Never hang upside down more than your capability . 

Hanging upside down is not safe if you are overweight or you have any medical issues .

You should talk to your doctor if you are really interested in the benefits of inversion therapy . Your doctor can confirm  whether this therapy is right for you or not . SO,  Always take suggestions from a doctor first .

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