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Domain and hosting are the two most needed things for any website. Free domain website hosting will require you to add the domain name as the service provider name. 

The companies that have the ownership of online servers and websites that can be viewed from there are known as the web hosts. When any company provides this service without charging any money, then you are having free domain hosting from that company. All these processes are like the company is renting you a little part of the world wide web.

A website generally contains two parts, and they are company/owner name and domain name. When you pay for the domain name, you can name your website whatever you want by adding just .com, .net, etc. in the last. But if you take free domain hosting, you will have to add a sub-domain before the main domain. 

For example, your company name is “abcd”. You want to create a free website with your company name. And the platform for free domain hosting is “xyz”. You will have to use their given name as your sub-domain. That sub-domain will be before your principal domain. 

Then your website name will be like “abcd.xyz.com.” Because you took free domain hosting from another platform named “xyz”, and it will be the sub-domain of your website. 

The Advantages of Free domain website hosting

There are many people and companies out there who are just want to establish with their start-ups. Buying domain hosting with investing money may be a bit tough for them. That is the time when free website domain hosting comes into the matter. This free domain hosting can be a great assist for newcomers. 

Many people may feel bad things about free domain hosting. But it is not like that. When you are new in this sector and barely know anything about it, you will surely don’t want to buy a domain hosting without any knowledge. In some cases, doing that without proper information can be harmful too.

When you will take free domain hosting, you will just have to add the provider’s name as the sub-domain of your website, which is never a big deal. It will assist you very much when you will have a website of your own without costing any money.

Just think of it, you are a newcomer, and you have a website that costs nothing. It will make your website creating experience better from the beginning. You will have a whole new experience of making and operating your own experience with having the hosting from another company or platform.

There are many companies in the market which provide free domain hosting of your website. But finding one with vast experience and good customer feedback is a tough task. That’s the reason why I am introducing the top four free website domain hosts, and they are Domain.com, Nexcess, Liquid Web, Hostinger.

I will provide full information and tell you why you should choose them for your website domain hosting.


The domain.com is vastly known as one of the trusted providers for website domain hosting. They offer both types of website domain hosting as free website domain hosting and paid website domain hosting. In both cases, you can have trust in them as they will provide amazing service to you.

You can take the domain hosting with their sub-domain extension. You can get their free domain hosting along with the Top-Level Domain also known as the TLDs. You can use their free domain hosting without having any tension about the security issues.

The services from domain.com are fully trusted and it reflects on the reviews and the comments sent by the users and customers. The company contains a large number of online servers that are capable of serving a lot of customers and users at a time. They have a humongous amount of experience all through these years of services.

The domain.com contains many experienced and dedicated staff who are very much devoted to serving the customers. You will get superior support from this company in every aspect. There will always be the option for you to make your site secure by the Encrypt Free SSL and the company’s assurance. 

With the domain name registration, you will get some additional features that will be surely beneficial for you. You will have the option of forwarding e-mails to any valid e-mail address under your domain, and there is no room for security tensions. You can promote your website through this process.

You can also make the paid promotions through this feature for any other third-party service getters. The company always cares about all the different types of needs of the customers.

This free website domain hosting platform provides a diverse option of services. You will have the “Transfer Lock” system to apply on your website, which will be provided by the company. This feature will help to gain the protection of your domain from any unauthorized transfer and will enhance the whole safety and security system.

As a newcomer, this website domain hosting platform can be the perfect place to start your website and business. You can also upgrade the service by taking the paid option later, which comes with more safety and security with a vast collection of features.

Key Features and Advantages

  • “Transfer Lock” system.
  • Safe from hijacks.
  • Encrypt Free SSL.
  • Superior customer support under every circumstances.
  • Perfect for the newcomers.


  • Not much feature in the free version.


Nexcess is another platform from where you can have your first website domain hosting. As a first-time user, a free domain hosting platform will be like a blessing for you. They also provide the paid service to the customers who want to take it.

The free website domain hosting of the nexcess is one of the best and the most secured one available in the market. You can use the custom domain name for your e-mail as well from this domain hosting platform. The customer review of this platform is very charming as they get a bunch of love from the users regularly.

When any customer faces any kind of awkward issues, the nexcess always comes up with their supportive nature. They help the customers a lot when they need it. Nexcess contains a rare combination of experience and devotion together.

The company contains a large staff who are highly devoted to providing the best service to the customers with full concentration. They are very much responsive with their work. You can rely on them for your web domain hosting as the company is highly reliable for their work.

The outstanding service provided by the platform takes the whole thing to a new level. From the start of taking service from them, you will be very satisfied. Even on the last day of your service taking, you will get the same service from them. This professional behavior from them will increase your love for them.

They have a secure online service that has a large storage option which is situated in a safe and vast area. You will have all the technical service and support as well. Later you can upgrade your service to paid option if you want.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Vast online server.
  • Highly reliable storage option.
  • Non-stopping service.
  • Experienced employees.
  • Supportiveness towards customers.


  • The Single-click auto scaling is not available in the free version.

Liquid Web

You might be new in the website domain hosting sector but want to grow your business through the website. For doing this, you can take the service from the liquid web for your website domain hosting. They have the service of both paid service and free service for the customers, and you can take any of it as your desire.

But if you are new in this sector, I would suggest you take the free website domain hosting service. The platform named liquid web will highly be recommended from my side. I have used this website when I was a newcomer, and I still am satisfied with their amazing service.

Scaling your business through your website will be much easier from the free web hosting services of liquid web. They have dedicated servers of their own. Through this server, the company ensures a risk-free and unstoppable service until you stop taking services from your side. The secure VPS hosting is also available from here.

They provide a vast storage option for your free domain website. Through this, you will be capable of sending e-mails via your e-mail to any other valid e-mail addresses from your website domain name with full-proof security and assurance.

The customers will get high-performance solutions to any of their problems related to the website and server. The devotion of the staff and the workers in the company are also the reason for this confidence.

You will also find the managed WordPress and WooCommerce service from this domain hosting platform. But these offers will cost you money. You can upgrade your service to the paid version if you want. The paid service will be more safe and secure along with more window of opportunities and offers. But this whole process depends on your wanting.

This platform comes with a vast server option with a non-stopping service. This company has expanded its service in the web hosting sector significantly through the past years. All they will require from you is adding their name as the sub-domain of your website.

You can do business or do other legal things and promotion through this website of yours. If later you feel the need of upgrading your service, you can do that from the same platform with more safety and security.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Maximum speed.
  • Option for paid promotions.
  • 24/7 customer service.
  • Vast Server.
  • Non-stopping Service.


  • Managed WooCommerce service costs money.


Hostinger is another useful platform for beginner users. If you want to establish your own business through your website, you can do that by taking help from the Hostinger. Hostinger is always available with their service of providing website domain hosting. The company provides its service in this field for several years. 

They are available with free service and paid service both. You can take either of their services as you need them. But, as a new user, I will suggest you take free the service first. Once you are satisfied with their service, I am sure you will, you can take the paid service from the same platform.

You can rely on their capability of providing services. They have a vast area of service providing a large storage capacity with a humongous online server system. The company has a high reputation in the market for its services of shared, cloud, and VPS hosting. You can take the service to grow your business more.

For running your business, you will need a high quality, reliable hosting service, and the Hostinger can fulfill your need. All you have to do is adding their name as your sub-domain name before the main domain name. Such as, if your company name is “xyz”, and you want to make your website around it.

Then the name of your website will be “xyz.hostinger.com” or whatever main domain name you want to use. As the SSL certificates are a must for all sites, the company will provide this certificate to the users, but it will cost money.

Every plan of the Hostinger comes with the “Easy Website Builder” assurance. The company will also provide the opportunity of using the custom domain name for your e-mail. Through this, you can send e-mails to any valid e-mail accounts from the domain name.

This web domain hosting platform is all about providing services to you and other newcomers like you. They are highly reliable in this sector as they contain a large number of experienced and devoted staff in the duty. You can trust them to have your first website with their free domain hosting.

Key Features and Advantages

  • “Easy Website Builder” assurance.
  • The opportunity of using the custom domain name for your e-mail.
  • Reliable server and storage.
  • Devoted staff.
  • Safe and secure shared, cloud, and VPS hosting.


  • SSL certificates comes only in the paid version.

There can be some barriers and restrictions while you will use the free domain website hosting. But I will always suggest a new user use the free domain hosting first. It will help the user to acquire proper knowledge about the full domain hosting system. After having the proper knowledge, then someone can ask for the paid services.

The four companies above have their reputation because they are successfully providing service in the market for several years. I will recommend you to use the free website domain hosting from any of these four trusted companies.

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