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In this flatsome reviews, you will get to know in detail about the company and its website. The flatsome is a theme selling platform for different websites. They are well-known for making the Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme and then selling them to others. They are a platform that provides service through another platform named “Envato-Market.” 

You will find some pre-made models and designs in Flatsome, which you can use as your website theme and templates. You can purchase your preferred design from there. There is also room for making any revisions and changes in that design, and you can ask them for more customization.

You can have your website templates from there as well. This company is offering their best service and designs of the website through their website in the “Envato-Market.” You will get your desired designs at a very reasonable price here. 

Buying Guide: Features to consider before you take the service from Flatsome

You may need the theme and template design for your website. You can have that from this company, and their website link is. 

But before you purchase any services or design from them, there are some basic things that you have to follow. You should also seek some extra benefits, which are only been providing by this company but not from the others. 

Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme

WooCommerce is an eCommerce platform of WordPress. Approximately 60% of the eCommerce of the entire world is managed by this WooCommerce. From flatsome, you will get the perfect WooCommerce theme for your website. You can have that on a multi-purpose basis, and there is always the option for customizing as you want.

Flatsome has the addition of experienced designers and theme creators. They always come up with the latest version of WooCommerce to make and customize the theme. It makes flatsome the safest option and platform for building and customizing your eCommerce website theme and template. Flatsome will also offer you unlimited options for the product page layout.

SEO Optimized Code

When you are planning to do online business and marketing, you will need a website to provide a base for your products. This will work as your online showroom of products. Getting a higher ranking will help to reach your products more towards the customers and peoples, and get more attention.

In this case, flatsome will come in the game. The company always builds the theme, keeping in mind the best SEO practices. It helps the code for proper optimization. When the code is perfectly SEO optimized, it will help your website grow at a pretty rapid pace.

Easy and Flexible Theme and Menu with Catchy design

There is an addition of the Custom Product Page Builder in this theme store. Along with that custom product page layouts can also be done in real-time using the Page Builder from the Flatsome. 

The theme store we are talking about is known for building beautiful account pages. You will see those pages built-in the store, and you can ask for customization as well. An eCommerce site needs to have show-lists for different types of products, and it will require grids in there. 

Flatsome will provide you multiple grid styles for showing the products. You can have the product grid style as you want it to be. Here is another important thing added here, it is the window of selecting between the Off-Canvas or Cart dropdown.

Recognizing What Customers want

You will have a built-in Wishlist in the theme for your website made by Flatsome. Using that, your customers will have the opportunity of adding the products to this Wishlist. From here, they can purchase those products later if they want. There is another nice built-in option you will find from their design.

The built-in quick view option will help your customers to take a sharp look at any product. The key things about that exact product will pop-up right after the customer clicks on the quick view option. The unlimited category layouts will be available for you to choose from. 

Large Elements Library

From the theme store, I am talking about; you can also build a website on your own. To do so no coding will be required. There are a bunch of elements present on the website. You can browse all of them and use anything from there to make your website. Those elements will be there as the built-in ones.

Section, rows, columns, sliders will be there as the elements. You will also see many images, video, galleries, video button, and banner grid there. There is also the presence of the elements like pages, portfolio, map, message box, and many more, which will help you to build a perfect website for your business or other purposes. 

The Benefits of Purchasing Theme and Template from Flatsome

When you are thinking to establish an eCommerce website, you must have been thinking about what would be the theme of your website. I will suggest you buy theme and template from the Flatsome. Here is the detailed discussion about how you will be benefited by purchasing from flatsome. 

All the products in this theme store are compatible with WordPress 4.9 / 5.4 / 5.5+. They are also compatible with the leading eCommerce platform WooCommerce 3.9 / 4.8+. You will get the privilege of building the custom Dropdowns with the help of the UX builder.  

You can save and explore templates in the UX builder along with the menu element for building footer links. The option of customizing the size and design of the menu dropdown is also available. Responsive styling for the text elements is also present in this theme store. Regularly bug fixing will keep the website clean and safe as well.  

The opportunity of creating any website without coding makes the platform the favorable one for buying a website theme. The theme collection of flatsome is rich as it contains a bunch of great designs. There is also an enormous library of pre-made elements along with the full-page layouts in the store. 

You will also find the Wireframe kit in this theme store. There will be a vast collection of mockups and pre-made starter pages in the Flatsome Studio. The opportunity of building your website in your language makes the platform more interesting to the users and buyers. Flatsome has already built websites in 12+ different languages.  

There is a vast collection of showcase designs available in flatsome.There is room for the mobile-optimized design as well. It will help your customer to get quick and easy navigation of your eCommerce website on their mobile devices.  

This store also provides unlimited header options. With the help of our header builder, you can create the perfect header for your website. The drag and drop header builder makes the process easy for you to build and ask for customization.  

There is also the addition of the built-in slider and banner system, and no need of using any separate slider plugins anymore. The banner focus point system is also available here, which is very useful regarding any eCommerce website. Flatsome is a platform that builds WordPress Themes with a stunning User Experience.

There are some other astounding features that you can add to your website that you will build from this theme store. Such as Drag and Drop Image Grids, Smart Image Lazy Loading, Built-in Live Search, and the Live Theme Options alongside the Full Typography Control.  

This SEO optimized theme store has the WPML ready along with including the .po files. The online documentation will be provided as well with the supporting Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE8+ at the same time. The Child Theme is also included here for more flexibility of use. The PSD files and assets will also be included in this theme and template store. 

Flatsome has their amazing reputation for its well after sell behavior to the customers. They have 3000+ 5-star ratings and loves shown by the customers through their reviews and comments.

Some Important Details and Trifles about Flatsome

Flatsome Demo

Before purchasing any products, every customer wants to test it or want to know that better by testing a demo of the product. In flatsome, you can have this luxury if you want. There is a bunch of demo content available in the theme store of flatsome. You can test that built-in demo content by clicking just once.

From there, you will have the opportunity of gaining full knowledge with a quick view of how the full website will be. So, the window of purchasing themes after testing will be there.

Flatsome Theme Discount

You can see this theme store is full of many useful features and opportunities. You can build or ask to build an attractive eCommerce website from flatsome. You must be thinking this much functionality will cost a handsome amount of money. But no. You will have all of these convenient services at a very affordable price.

Flatsome Theme Update

This platform will provide Automatic Theme Updates. The updates will be done automatically and easily through the Envato WordPress Toolkit. You will also have the Free Lifetime Updates from the date you installed the Flatsome Theme in WordPress.

 How to Install Flatsome

The installation process of Flatsome in WordPress is pretty simple. You have to install it from WordPress. In WordPress, you will find the “Appearance” option in the Dashboard. Another option named “Themes” will pop up there. After clicking in there, click on the “Add New” option. Then select “Upload Theme”. 

Before doing all of these, make sure you have downloaded the latest version of Flatsome from Theme Forest. Unzip the file you downloaded and then get it into the “Theme Files” folder. There you will find two different folders of flatsome. Select the latest version of it. 

From there, drag the latest version file to WordPress and leave it near the “Install” option. You can also select that latest flatsome file manually from the “Choose File” option. Right after that, click on the “Install” button, and the latest version of Flatsome will be installed in your “WordPress” software. You have to “Activate” the theme after installation.

The Reasons why you will fall in love with Flatsome

Build Anything

You can build the website the way you want from flatsome. With the help of the Live Page Builder, it is pretty much easy to build an eCommerce website through WordPress. Flatsome contains a large element library in their theme store. A large layout option is also provided there.

The revolutionary drag and drop page builder has made the whole process easy to make the eCommerce website as you want. There is also the presence of flexibility as you will have a bunch of customizations as well. You can do that all in this theme store, and you won’t need any extra slider plugins.

Unlimited Options Provided

There are unlimited options given in this platform for building your website. The Live Theme Options Panel present here opens up several options and opportunities for website building and customizing. You can just use drag and drop the header builder for the website building process.

You can change the main colors through the global default colors. You will find the Live CSS Editor from flatsome. You can also set global layout mode with having a total of three options of Full Width, Boxed, or Framed. There is also room for the Custom site width along with Google Fonts Integration. 

Optimization for Speed

The website you will purchase from flatsome will come with proper optimization. To build your website, minimal and optimized codes will be used from up to bottom. Because of that, the customers will have a nice experience while browsing your website.

You will have a Google Page Speed of 98 out of 100. The Desktop UX speed will be at the highest peak with the mark of 100 out of 100. Your customer will also get high-speed browsing while using the Mobile UX, and the approximate score will be 100 out of 100.

Best Selling Designs

The unique and catchy design will catch the eye of the customers easily and will provide freshness. Being aware of that, flatsome builds its theme and template for the website in a very passionate way. The principal priority and the focus are always on the intuitive user experience while building your website or making any customization in it.

The designers of flatsome always try to make every website suitable according to their use and type. Your customers will get a premium experience and sense of true quality while browsing your eCommerce website or buying something from it. The design and theme of your website will easily suit every use. 

Always Up to Date

Flatsome is providing its service in the market for the last seven years. And they hope to continue their service for a long time. Once anyone purchases a theme from this platform, flatsome provides every update of WooCommerce and WordPress under every condition to the users.

With the motto of “We rebuilt the theme from scratch”, flatsome provides a bunch of new features in comparatively smaller CSS files. Flatsome also comes up with the update in their theme version regularly. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • How will be the speed in flatsome made websites?
    The flatsome theme store makes all the websites with the SEO optimized codes. As a result, the customers of your eCommerce website will get a nice speed while browsing. The users of both Desktop UX and Mobile UX will experience a top-notch speed along with a higher Google Page Speed.
  • How is the service from the Flatsome?
    The service from flatsome is always top-notch. They are providing service in the market for the last seven years. Their designers always come up with the best design ideas for customer satisfaction. Flatsome also provides the opportunity of customizing the website as per the customer’s wants.
  • How about the Updates?
    Flatsome has its own way of ethics. They are bound to provide the latest version of theme design according to WordPress and WooCommerce. No matter which version you purchased, the company will provide you easy and free lifetime updates via Envato WordPress Toolkit.
  • How will I test the website theme before purchase?
    Flatsome opens up the opportunity of testing the website theme before your purchase. You can have a look at the demo content of your website with just one click. Then, if you want, you can purchase that theme for your website.
Final Verdict

After seeing the theme design and quality Flatsome offers, I will suggest you the theme of your website from them. The after-sell service of this company is close to none. They put the customer priority above all.

The lifetime free updates through Envato WordPress Toolkit just take their service to a whole new level. The customers of your website will be amazed to see the interface in which device they will be using.  After all, what I can say is, the company is offering a great service at such an affordable price, and you should grab that as early as possible.

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