Best Digital Marketing Pricing Packages 2021

Marketing of businesses has reached a new level with digital marketing in recent times. The online presence of both small and large businesses depends a lot on digital marketing. It has become an essential part of a business.

Now you might be thinking about what are the categories of digital marketing service. Who provides this service? What are digital marketing pricing packages?

Well, Fiverr is one of the best platforms for taking digital marketing services. Plenty of experienced and skilled freelancers are out there providing services on digital marketing.

This article will discuss the importance of digital marketing services and share a few best packages in Fiverr that you can grab without hesitation.

What are the Importance’s of Digital Marketing?

Let me share a stunning statistic – 22% of the world population are now using Facebook.

So, you might have understood why you need digital marketing for your website. However, let’s look at the importance of digital marketing from below.

1 Helps you to reach more people

Across the globe, more than 7.7 billion people are using the internet. People are now spending more time surfing the internet than before. To do shopping or search for anything, people are using the internet.

Since website owner’s customers are online-based, you can’t deny the importance of digital marketing. If you don’t have any online presence, most probably, your competitor’s leads are increasing.

Online presence is mandatory when you want sales from online. Your products or services will receive more leads if you ensure the digital marketing of your service.

2 Successful businesses are doing this

If you check the online presence of every successful business, you will find that they are using digital marketing strategies to reach their potential customers. Which also means they have already experienced digital marketing benefits.

Every successful business has active social profiles, running paid advertisements, and taking advantage of SEO to get new leads. And the truth is, they are getting new leads following digital marketing strategies.

Even your competitors are following digital marketing strategies to beat others. At this point, if you don’t use it, undoubtedly, you can’t beat your competitors.

It is high time; you should invest in digital marketing pricing packages offered by different companies or professionals before it becomes too late.

3 Targeting the right consumers

Following different digital marketing strategies, you can target the right audiences, depending on your business or services. It is one of the main reasons why digital marketing is essential for every business.

You will not get any sales if you market your service to people who don’t require your service. Digital marketing ensures that your service will go to the targeted customer.

With specific and appropriate information about consumers, you can reach the right customer with digital marketing. The digital marketing campaign also gets shaped with the provided information.

For example, you want to provide your service to the USA people between 30 – 35 years of age and making $45,000/year. By setting these parameters in your social media campaign, you can effortlessly reach your targeted customer.

And when you can target your desired customer, the chance of sales will increase for sure.

4 Digital marketing allows you to monitor and optimize the ad campaign for better result

The key to every success is to make continuous improvements. And continuous improvement is possible when you know where to optimize to reach the goal.

Through proper monitoring, digital marketing allows a person to optimize the ad campaign as per requirement. Tracking your campaigns becomes easy and straightforward with digital marketing.

Since every campaign of your service is trackable, your audience will also don’t feel bothered. If your audience feels bothered, you can make immediate changes. As a result, you will get a better result and invest money wisely.

Now let’s look at different digital marketing pricing packages on Fiverr.

1 Reasonable SEO Packages

The word SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. When you need a significant site-building and content development idea, SEO will help you to do this. With the right approach, it creates an exceptional UX (user experience) for the customer.

Now, what is the offer of this package?

This package comes with 3 different offers—Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Silver – You will get a complete audit result of your website’s homepage and let you understand where your homepage requires improvement for SEO and conversions. The audit result will be delivered within 2 days, and it will cost you $20.

Gold – The entire site on-page SEO audit will be done under this package. Within 3 days, you will get the audit result at $50.

Platinum – Both on and off-page SEO audit of your entire site. $100 is the charge for the platinum package.

Important note:

  • This gig is about SEO audit only and doesn’t offer any SEO services.
  • The audit result will be delivered in a doc of recorded actions and a PDF of some specific metrics.

Many customers appreciate the crystal clear audit reporting system of this service. And they highly recommended this Fiverr gig because the audit helps them to grow their business.

To learn more, you can visit this page: smackenroth.

2 Fixed Price SEO Packages

Many of us look for a fixed price as well as a cheap SEO package. This fixed price SEO package is an answer for those. The best thing about this SEO package is, it provides the same thing that it describes. And the service provider has 13+ years of professional experience in this field.

This service also comes with 3 different packages: Basic, Standard, and Premium.

Basic: Fix basic SEO error, submit website to Google, Submit Sitemap, Robots, Setup Google Search Console. You will have to pay $75 for this package.

Standard: Fix SEO Errors Reported by one SEO tool < 200 errors, Get SEO Expert Insights. $200 is the cost of the standard package.

Premium: Best SEO package for any website. Fix Technical Errors, Implement SEO Essentials, and Get FREE Tips. If you like this Premium offer, pick it for $400.

In order to find and fix any SEO issues, this service is one of the best. The most important thing is if your website is already ranked and during the fixing issue, no impact will happen to your website ranking, and it is guaranteed if only Semrush, Ahrefs,Search Console, Rank Math, or Yoastare used in your website.

Important Note:

  • A total of 27 fixes of your SEO problems will be done under this package.
  • Money-back guarantee.

The service provider is highly responsive and offers real value to your every SEO problem.

Get more information about this service at baweb developer

3 Manage Google Adwords

Many website owners believe Google Adwords works faster than SEO. However, both are effective marketing strategies to improve traffic to your website. The best thing about Google Adword is, you can work on several keywords at the same time. Also, whenever necessary, turning off is possible.

The offer includes 3 different packages.

Basic: Google Ads Account Setup + 20 Keywords + 2 Ads Groups + Negative Keywords + Campaign QA. All these services will allow you to speed up your traffic to your website. $30 is the price of this package.

Standard: Google Ads Account Setup + 40 Keywords + 4 Ads Groups + Negative Keywords + Campaign Management. This package also includes 7-days management of your website. The price of this package is $50.

Premium: Google Ads Account Setup + All Keywords + 10 Ads Groups + Negative Keywords + Campaign Management. The premium package rate is $100.

The primary purpose of using Google Adwords service is to improve your conversions, traffic, and clicks. With the help of this digital marketing service, people will know about your brand.

Important Note:

  • This service declares to increase click, not sales.
  • You also can choose this service if you would like to run your campaign in the Arabic language instead of English.

Customers who used this service, experienced high amounts of traffic to their website. Don’t be late to grab any of the offers, as mentioned earlier.

You can get more information about the package by visiting here: digitalmatee

4 Email Marketing Services Pricing

If people don’t know about your business, will you get the sale from it? Undoubtedly NO. That is why you have to go with an email marketing service. The service provider is promised to set up a high converting sales funnel and e-sales marketing campaign in order to skyrocket your business profit. Providing 100% satisfied service is the motto of this service provider.

Now, what will you get from this package? Find from below

Basic: Generation of email lists, unique drip campaign for businesses to reach all your customers. Within 3 days, you will get the package’s delivery, and $20 is the price of this package.

Standard: Generation of email lists, writing of email series automation. All these services will be provided at only $80.

Premium: Write up to 8 emails Set-up account + automation & high converting sales funnel. This package also comes at an affordable price, only $150.

Email marketing is a way to reach your customer. This method is easy, effective, and inexpensive. A recent study done by Forrester Research showed that 85% of business owners from the USA considered Email marketing as one of the effective ways of increasing your business.

Important Note:

  • Email platform: MailChimp and GetResponse.
  • The package doesn’t include the generation of the list. If you want, you can get it too, and you have to pay a separate price for that.

It is an entirely professional service that satisfies most of the customers. Communication of the seller is also excellent.

Visit this saleskey page to get more information about the service.

5 Wedding Video Editing Service

We all love to see stunning videos of our wedding day. Video editing is significantly essential because it can sometimes be emotionally connected to the film we are watching, and sometimes in the true sense, it is the key to the combination of images and words.

These digital marketing pricing packages come at a maximum cheap price. It includes awesome visual effects, transitions, title effects, cutting scenes, motion graphics, color grade, audio/video integration, fancy transitions, gorgeous title effects, shakes removal, cutting & adding music in the right timing, audio sync, and Multi-cam edit and many more. And the time length of the video will be 3 – 10 minutes. The video will be delivered within 5 days, and you will get unlimited revisions if needed.

For all these services, your cost will be only $150.

Sometimes professional photographers are required to assist in editing wedding videos when they remain too busy with other projects. The good news is that; the service provider has a team of 10 people under his supervision who are doing well according to their customer.

Important Note:

  • The HD video is also available in AVI, MP4, MOV & Any format.
  • 4K editing is not an issue to handle.

A professional video editor will deliver an emotional-evoking masterpiece of your wedding day. This professional video editor is promised to offer 100% satisfactory video.

Want to get more information about this service? Visit the page: iamafnanrahman

Frequently Asked Question

Question: What is the meaning of 5D’s in digital marketing?

Answer: Digital marketing strategies depend on this 5D

  • Digital devices, 
  • Digital platforms, 
  • Digital media, 
  • Digital data, 
  • Digital technology.

Question: What are the categories of digital marketing?

Answer: Digital marketing has 7 categories

  • SEO (Search engine optimization)
  • SEM (Search engine marketing)
  • Content marketing.
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing)
  • PPC (Pay-per-click advertising)
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Email marketing.
  • Video production.

Sum Up

Digital marketing is an ever-growing technique to boost up your social presence. And this technique allows you to invest your money in the right place to get the expected result. You can select any of the digital marketing pricing packages from the reviewed services. Be sure you will get the desired result within the targeted time.

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