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There is too much pain in your life? You are in great trouble and find no hope for success.
Push away the fear of your life.

So, the Can’t Hurt Me Audiobook is just for you. Here you find the ways to lead yourself.

Undoubtedly, It will uniquely inspire you. Push the fear of your life. Life is not always fun. I’m not the hero here, you are the hero.

This book is about the life of one person named David Goggins. How his struggling life turns into a success. His struggling life and hard work help you to realize your true potential.

Mental Strength, hard work, and self-discipline can transform you into a successful person. Can’t hurt me, Audiobooks are such a book that master your mind and defy the odds with a quick and easy listen!

Story of A Storyteller: Audiobook Review

David Goggins is the writer of the Can’t Hurt Me Audiobook. Mr. David is a retired NAVY Seal.

It is his self-published book. This book is the story of his real life.

In this book, he describes his transformation from a depressed overweight young man with no future into a U.S. Armed Forces icon and the world’s top endurance athlete.

David’s childhood was a nightmare. He grew up with poverty and prejudice. It’s a mystery how he overcame these situations and became a worldwide famous person.

David gorgons Fers about some things. Among them, his biggest fear in life was not living to his full potential. So, we can find in his life he lives with his full potential. That makes him more powerful.

Can’t Hurt Me Audiobook Free Trial

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How Long Does it Hurt My Audiobook?

Can't Hurt Me Audiobook


Can’t Hurt Me Audiobook is very inspirational. When you listen to David’s childhood experiences you will be deeply moved.

All of us like successful people. But very few know the story behind it. From this book, you know the struggling life of a successful person.


The listening length of the Audiobook is 13 hours and 37 minutes. Adam Smith is its narrator.
This Audiobook was released on November 28, 2018. Lioncrest Publishing publishes the book as well as the Audiobook. Both are in the English language.

It offers Whispersync voice ready in Unabridged version.

Can’t Hurt Me Audiobook Vs Book

The book has a total of 364 pages. The weight of the book is 1.5 pounds.

There are eleven chapters. It got a bestseller rank, as well as satisfying customer reviews.

Audiobooks can give companies anytime any situation. It’s always preferable!

If your book is getting dust on your bookshelf, then just order the Can’t Hurt Me Audiobook. You can easily purchase it from Amazon with a one-month free trial. Hurry up!


Why do you Listen to this Book?

👉 This book inspires you very much. It helps you to lead yourself. As well as you gain the quality to lead 👉others.
👉It will push you from your mental boundaries.

👉It helps the business leaders to remove mental stress.

👉It helps you to overcome business pressures and make you stronger.

👉This book teaches you to dream bigger and to think bigger. Through this thinking, you will be able to do greater things.

👉You can discover yourself and your potential strength rises day by day.

👉This book transforms you from Zero to Hero.

Final words

Can’t hurt me Audiobooks help you to break all the boundaries of limitations. The whole world is yours. Discover the finest thing and enjoy the beauty of fortune.

Push your past pain. demolish fear and reach the apex. This book will help you to find out your true potential. It helps to discover yourself in the best way.

Be unstoppable to reach your dreams.

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