How 10 Things Will Change The Way You Approach Airline Secrets Shared By Flight Attendants

The experience of flying for the first time may be compared to that of walking on thin ice. It seems like one false step, and you’re out of there forever. It may seem as like you should be aware of something that you are not, particularly if you are an expert. It’s possible that you shouldn’t have touched anything, and it’s also possible that there’s a more efficient method to board the aircraft. However, there are some details on the flight crew that you must keep to yourself.

Regardless of how much time you’ve spent in the air, you could pick up some useful information from the Reddit thread posted by user ayyitsjameslmao. In this piece, we have included some of the most interesting and helpful hacks, do’s and don’ts, and airline secrets that have been published by flight attendants online. These tips may be found on many websites. When you go on your next flight, maybe you’ll remember these things, won’t you?



During that time, I was in a relationship with a flight attendant. One concern that I haven’t heard highlighted anywhere else is the possibility that flight attendants would not show up for their shifts, forcing the airline to scramble to find a replacement crew and create delays. It’s possible that a flight attendant had too much fun the night before and decided to call in sick only two hours before the start of the $1,500 transoceanic journey you had just boarded.

She and several of her employees enjoyed going out to parties, and as a result, they were often hungover or “out of it” on flights. Even though the salary was terrible, their union made it very difficult to be dismissed, thus call-offs were not much of a problem for them.





I’m a flight attendant….

There are so many occurrences that happen on the aircraft that passengers who fly on a regular basis do not witness or contemplate. On the most recent aircraft I was on, an elderly passenger unintentionally defecated on the floor, stepped in it, and then continued on as if nothing had happened. DO NOT TRAVEL AROUND BAREFOOT AT ANY TIME. Pee and feces occurs, all around. I get the impression that I am often there during one of their “accidents,” either in their seat or in the restroom. People experience nasal bleeds, or their wounds open. When we arrive, the area is obviously sanitized in its entirety. However, our resources are restricted when we are in flight.

ON THE TRAY TABLE, YOU SHOULD NOT BE Changing Your Baby’s Diaper. This also takes place on a regular basis. People eat on the tray table, place their personal belongings on it, and do other things that make it unhygienic.

As a last point of clarification, a flight attendant is NOT obligated to assist you in lifting your luggage. Flight attendants often hurt themselves while trying to be pleasant by carrying large baggage, which puts them out of work for periods ranging from several months to an entire year (on average). When you pack anything, you end up lifting it. If it is too heavy for you to carry, then it is also too heavy for us to carry.

Happy flying, ya’ll!

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If you give the flight attendants a reason to be annoyed, they will fart on you. The cabin pressure makes you naturally gassy, and it is simple to let one off in the face of an obnoxious twit when stooping down to talk to someone on the other side of the aisle when the pressure on aircraft makes you inherently gassy.



My late mother worked for Delta for 33 years as a “stewardess.” She used to regale us with amazing tales that were appropriate for all ages, but I’m sure she had a hundred more that were inappropriate for my little ears. I was a typical child in that I didn’t pay much attention to stories, but the ones I can recall are almost always about celebrities or drunk people. Or notable celebrities who got drunk.
The marvels of the Delta were the subject of one popular legend. Wheelchair users were allowed to board the aircraft first, but they had to wait until everyone else had disembarked before they could be wheeled off the aircraft. It would seem that it is not uncommon for passengers to experience what is known as a “healing” while they are in flight and no longer need help once they get at their destination.


Although I do not work as a flight attendant, I do work on the ramp. To provide more clarification on the anatomical components, we often transport whole bodies through the air. Some were in caskets, but others were not. During the seven years that I have been performing this job, “fluid” has spilled out of the crates the corpses are stored in twice, and it has gotten all over the baggage each times.


If you hear three beeps in a row over the public address system, it implies that your death is imminent.



Do not place food directly on tray tables since they are not sterilized very often, if at all.



The majority of the time, airplanes take to the skies in a “broken” state… I went out with a girl who worked as a flight attendant and whose brother worked at Sky Harbor in Phoenix as a flight mechanic. They shared some wild tales of aircraft that took off with equipment that may or may not have been operating correctly. The duct tape strategy is really effective.


As someone who used to work in aviation journalism, I’m able to share with you the following information:
There is a cabin for crew members to use while flying over oceans so that they may catch some rest. You will not get an invitation to join us for any of our fun moments. There is also a compartment for passengers who have passed away while in the air on certain more recent aircraft. You won’t be welcomed in for any of our great moments, that’s for sure.
Choose the kosher option if a meal service is provided, since this will ensure that the food was made on the same day.



If I notify the captain that “I do not feel secure with passenger in seat 35A,” then it is possible that you will be removed from the aircraft, and it is quite probable that this will happen. Therefore, you should give it some serious thought before behaving like a full and total jerk on the airplane. Typical jackass conduct is typically allowed to go unpunished.

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